Data Science Consulting and Advanced Analytics

Vingyani ('Wing-Yeah-Nee') means Scientist. 

We offer custom solutions and development in data strategy, big data, data engineering, machine learning, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We use Biosciences domain knowledge to solve complex and novel business problems with data-driven systems.

Our mission is to develop and implement a comprehensive data strategy for our clients, from mining massive datasets and using predictive analytics to uncover business value to implementing cutting-edge deep learning to solve technical challenges. We rapidly close client capability gaps, increase the speed of organizations, and their ability to deliver their strategy.

Data Driven Innovation

Data wrangling is about taking a messy source of data and turning it into something useful.

Data is changing our World. We empower life sciences organizations to create actionable data through data wrangling and data visualization.

Domain Expertise

We reverse engineer the knowledge in unstructured format to structured  data by semi-automation to enable you on making better decisions  

Design Thinking

Disease-modifying medicines require a design process that matches the complexity of underlying biology. Vingyani is building an AI-based platform for novel small molecule chemical design.

Core Value

Great science is the foundation of all innovations, and so, as a technology solution provider, Vingyani’s focus is always to “follow the science”. This is one of our core values; it determines how we work and guides our decision-making.  

Making Sense Out of Data

Our vision engages different actors to co-develop ideas, networks, creativity for innovative solutions to the most important societal challenge of our time.

Analytics to Actions

Data really powers everything that we do.  
Data is the new oil? No. Data is the new soil.  The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.     

Think Big, Train Fast, Learn Deep