About Us


VINGYANI is a group of motivated individuals with a shared vision - push the rapidly evolving deep learning technology to the edge of possibilities. We are data scientists, engineers and designers building next-level solutions for problems that enterprises are faced with.

Parthiban Srinivasan, PhD

Parthiban Srinivasan is the CEO of VINGYANI, a data science company deals with Informatics 2.0, that is, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Drug Discovery and Health. Parthiban Srinivasan is an experienced data scientist, earned his PhD from Indian Institute of Science, specializing in Computational Chemistry.  He holds dual Masters Degree- one in Science and the other in Engineering. After his PhD, he continued the research at NASA Ames Research Center (USA) and Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). Then he worked at AstraZeneca in the area of Computer Aided Drug Design for Tuberculosis. Later, he headed informatics business units in Jubilant Biosys and then in GvkBio before he floated the company, Parthys Reverse Informatics. Now his recent venture is VINGYANI.   



Speaking on AI meets IP: There is Nothing Artificial about it. IC-SDV 2019 Meeting, Nice, France, 8-9 April 2019. 

Workshop on AI Basics for Patent Professionals, PIUG Annual Meeting,  Alexandria, Virginia, 4-9,  May, 2019.

The Next Era: Deep Learning for Biomedical Research, Slides presented at ICIC 2017, Heidelberg, October 2017 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And Deep Neural Networks: What Does All Of This Have To Do With Patent Analytics? Slides presented at  II-IPC 2017, Bangalore, November 2017 

 16th International Conference on InformationTechnology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa 21-23 December 2017

Exhibited in BIO Boston 2018